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    brow set, brow setter, well-groomed brows, feather brow

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STEP 1: To fill and define brows, apply Spiked Eye Brows using short, quick strokes in the direction of hair growth.

STEP 2: To set brow colour, comb Clear Brow Set through brows.

STEP 3: Apply Ocean Liner Modern Twist Kajal Liner to upper and lower lash line and gently blend out with finger. To set colour and soften edges, apply Contrast Eye Shadow to lid using the 217 Brush.

STEP 4: For added intensity, rim upper and lower waterline with Black Walnut Modern Twist Kajal Liner. Apply In Extreme Dimension Lash to complete the look.

STEP 5: Create countless Eye Shadow looks with the Eyes x9: Navy Times Nine palette.

Brow Videos by Damone Roberts